Welcome to the Harm Reduction Therapy Center.

Come as you are.

The Harm Reduction Therapy Center is dedicated to providing alternative treatment to people who use alcohol and other drugs.

Harm Reduction Therapy, is a non-judgmental approach to helping substance users reduce the negative impact of drugs and alcohol in their lives. Each individual's relationship with drugs and alcohol is different -substance abuse develops from a unique interaction of biological, psychological, and social factors.

Harm Reduction Therapy respects that people use drugs for a variety of reasons.We explore those reasons and help people work on the things that drive their substance use. We collaborate with people to work with any issues each person deems important, in order of their priorities.

Everyone is welcome at the Harm Reduction Therapy Center, especially people who are actively using and who don't know what they want to do.

People's goals range from quitting  to controlled use to safer use. Regardless of substance use goals, most people have a desire to improve their health, their relationships, and their functioning in the world.

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and are interested in treatment, please call 415.863.4282. If you live elsewhere in the United States, other treatment organizations can be found in the Resources section of this site.

HRTC is a leader in the harm reduction field.  Because of this, we are leaders in teaching other agencies and individuals the practice of harm reduction and Harm Reduction Therapy.  We are sought out for such topics as dual diagnosis, trauma, drug/medication interactions, motivational interviewing, group treatment, program development, staff supervision, and self-care/burnout prevention.