Informational Websites



· —Information about ERP (Exposure Response Prevention).

·  -self-help materials to reduce trauma induced emotional distress

· —Stanton Peele’s alternative approach to addiction. His site has articles, a question-and-answer section, as well as information on books by Peele and other authors.


Needle Exchange

·  listed and described in the harm reduction organizations above.

·  —Needle exchange programs by state.


·  and —Information about interactions between HIV, HIV medications, and recreational drug use.

· —“Afrocentric” program design that provides a safe forum for the exchange of information, ideas, and strategies for incorporation of harm reduction into direct services, public policy, and individual lives.


· —Based in San Francisco, has information on the UFO project, a study of the risk factors and needle exchange use associated with hepatitis B and C and HIV in injection drug users under the age of thirty. Also has comprehensive referral information.

· —Health Initiatives for Youth, good information with resources for sale (health-related youth zines, among other information), as well as youth-health education workshops and links to other youth-specific sites.

· —Information for parents who want to be educated about how to talk to their kids regarding drug and alcohol use.

Family Support

· —A project of the Damien Trimingham Foundation, run by Tony Trimingham, offers a hotline and works with families with drug-using members all over Australia.

· a project out of Vancouver, British Columbia.


Drug Policy and Criminalization of Drug Users

· —In addition to information and publications on drug policy, the Drug Policy Alliance has a large library and online “bookstore.”

· —Statistics and reports on the impact of criminal justice policies in the United States, with special sections on drug policy and racial inequities.

· and – Common Sense for Drug Policy – maintains updated information from many sources about the Drug War.

·    www.allof - a San Francisco based project to reverse discrimination against formerly incarcerated felons.


Drugs and Safer Use

· —E-zine, health tips, up-to-date pill testing results, regional contacts, lifesaving information about safer drug use and safer raving.

· —Otherwise known as The Vaults of EROWID, contains comprehensive information documenting the complex relationship between humans and psychoactives.

· —Information about marijuana and driving; search the main site for more information about drugs.

· —South African site, very big, with lots of information, such as specific drug information, safety tips, and a question-and-answer section. —Health advisory information, hepatitis A and B vaccine information, and ecstasy testing kits for purchase. – In depth information: signs, symptoms, and warning signs on withdrawing from different substances.