Training in Harm Reduction Therapy

                   Training and Consultation Model


Certified as a drug treatment program and staffed by mental health professionals, HRTC is recognized as a leading expert in the care of complex clients.  As a principal developer of integrated treatment for multi-diagnosed clients, HRTC is also one of the best-known training entities in the U.S. for dual diagnosis and harm reduction. HRTC has vast experience training staff at all levels of professional and personal experience. For over two decades, HRTC has trained mental health, substance abuse, medical providers, case managers, peer counselors, housing counselors and desk clerks, and many other social services providers in individual workshops, courses, and large multi-year training projects.


HRTC’s training expertise includes, but is not limited to dual diagnosis, motivational interviewing, trauma and substance use, managing complex clients, harm reduction for families, harm reduction groups, client-driven assessment and treatment planning, harm reduction case management, and self-care/burnout prevention.


All trainings are consumer inclusive and driven and based on needs assessments that customize trainings for each audience.  Trainings include ongoing consultation and coaching most of the time, and we seek immediate feedback during trainings to meet the changing questions and needs of each audience.


Management and supervision trainings are essential to staff development, because it is supervisors who support and model growth to their employees and hold them accountable to agency policies and best standards of practice. HRTC has a well-developed supervisory training curriculum, and it provides coaching to supervisors in most of its training projects. On-going supervisory support, either in small groups or in 1:1 consultation. is incorporated into all technical assistance offered to participating agencies. We also provide organization consultation to assist managers and staff align written policies and procedures with their new harm reduction practice.

 HRTC provides CEUs for MCEP (psychologists), the BBS (for MFTs and LCSWs), the Board of Nursing, and CADAAC. MHASF can provide CEUs for LPPC's and LEP's.


To discuss your training needs, call Dr. Patt Denning at 415-252-0669 or email her at [email protected].  We look forward to working with you.